The cost of having your windows cleaned is affected by various different factors,ranging from how accessible your windows are, how large, how many windows you have, the current state of the windows (related to first clean costs) and many other factors.

This can make it difficult to give you an accurate quote without seeing the property first. We are always more than happy to give you an estimate price of having your windows cleaned, but please note this price can be subject to change upon viewing your property.

If you would like an estimate cost of having your windows cleaned or would like to book a quote appointment please fill out the form on our Contact Us page.
You may have noticed increasing amounts of window cleaners using a brush on a telescopic pole to clean windows. These are known either as a Reach and Wash, Pure Water, or a Water Fed Pole System (WFP).

The water being used is not your standard tap water. The water is passed through a series of filters to remove all impurities, leaving it completely pure. The pure water is then pumped up a telescopic pole to a soft brush. The brush agitates the dirt and the purified water rinses it away. Any water left on the window dries completely clear to leave a smear free finish.
  • Using pure water requires no soaps/detergent, which is better for the environment and leaves windows cleaner as there is no detergent residue for dirt to cling to.
  • Frames and sills are cleaned at the same time as your glass and won’t be damaged by having a ladder leaning on them.
  • The Water Fed Pole system means no ladder holes in your lawn or ladder marks on your decking.
  • Windows that are inaccessible to ladders, including windows above conservatories, can be cleaned.
  • There are also increasing health and safety concerns over using ladders. Although they aren’t banned, most window cleaners are turning away from them as several are killed and many more seriously injured each year. Using the pure water system removes the risk of a window cleaner having an accident on your property. It is also important to note that many traditional window cleaners are uninsured, which could mean a legal headache for you if one is injured on your premises.
For External windows we may opt to use an eco-friendly TFR or degreaser but this would be situational and only usually required on first cleans/one offs.

For Internal window cleaning we use a small amount of specialist biodegradable window cleaning detergent. 

These chemicals have been ecologically tested and are accredited for excellent environmental performance.
Yes, the cleaning of your doors is included in the costs of your window clean.
We accept: Cash, Credit/Debit Card, Apple Pay, Android Pay and BACS.

We also offer the option of setting up a Direct Debit with us. 
Yep, unlike some other window cleaners, we do offer non-schedule or what we call one-off cleans.

We understand that not all customers like to have their windows cleaned on a set schedule and prefer to have them cleaned as and when they see fit. We do keep your details on file, in case you require our services again. This allows us to know your prior cleaning history, as well as the most efficient way to navigate around the property.

Please note -  if you leave a large time lapse between your first window clean,we may charge the "First clean" fee again.
We always send a text message to our customers the day before their window clean is due, this is to allow customers to free up access routes or should there be any issues they can raise them with us prior to us turning up.

Alternatively, you could message us on our work mobile number (07500200960) and we'd happily provide you with the scheduled date (please note that any date given may be subject to delays)
Yes we will, we always message the day prior to your cleans and request any access the outside of the property. Should we turn up for your clean and find that access has been restricted, we would first attempt to call you, should we not receive an answer we may either choose to clean all accessible windows or skip the clean entirely until we receive a response

Please see section in our Terms related to "Property Access".
Yes certainly! The only effect that rain should have on us cleaning your windows are a few wet operators. As we use the water-fed pole method of pure water window cleaning, rain being almost pure itself should have no negative impact on the quality of your clean.

We do offer a 48-hour guarantee on your window clean, so in the unlikely event that the rain or any other weather negatively impacts your clean we will come by and put things straight.

Please see section in our Terms  related to "48-Hour Guarantee".
Yes, we offer an all year round window cleaning service which would include the winter. Certain "winter related" weathers such as snow or really low temperatures may cause additional delays.

Please see section in our Terms related to "Weather".
It shouldn't be a problem, as we use the water-fed pole method we can pretty much reach 99% of windows safely from the ground and should be able to clean any above conservatory or above extension windows without an issue. Pretty much any window we can see from the ground, we should also be able to clean from the ground.

Please note, in the unlikely event that it would not be possible to clean any windows, we will ALWAYS notify you prior to the clean and any such windows will be exempt from the cost of your clean.
We do allow customers to push back their scheduled cleans as long as they notify us. Please note that we cannot always guarantee a specific slot on our schedule for your clean to be postponed to, but we always aim to come to a compromise that is suitable for both parties.

Alternatively, we do allow our customers up to 7 days to make payment for their window clean.

Please see section in our Terms related to "Payment"
Yes we do offer the cleaning of garage doors, please note that this is not automatically included in your window clean and would incur an additional cost.

Please see "Our Services" for a list of our services
No, Ace Window Cleaning Ltd consists of just Jack & Daniel. It will be their happy faces you see when using our service.
We understand that occasionally there may be occurrences where you need to skip a clean (Aren't able to provide access or have work going on at the house).

To do this, all we ask is that you notify us ASAP (the easiest way is to sent us a text or facebook message) so that we can offer the space to someone else on the day.

Please not however that should this become a regular occurrence we may change your schedule frequency (4 to 8) or remove you from scheduled cleaning entirely. Even if this is the case you are always welcome to send us a message as and when you would like them cleaning and we can book you in on the next available slot . 

Please note that we do not deem weather an acceptable reason for postponing our services.

See section in our Terms page related to "Weather".