Conservatory Roof Cleaning

The conservatory roof is often sadly neglected when it comes to regularly cleaning the outside of your property. Below we explain the importance of conservatory roof cleaning. 

Eliminate the build-up of leaves and foliage

Regular conservatory roof cleaning can help eliminate animal droppings, moss and other debris that could potentially cause damage to your roof and associated roofing materials over time.

The accumulation of debris could also block your gutters, which can lead to structural damage of your conservatory walls. Regular cleaning of the roof will prevent these problems from occurring.


One thing that really needs to be avoided is the formation of fungus. Algae, moss and even lichen can easily grow on the roof which over time could weaken the roofing structure, as well as looking unsightly. This becomes more difficult to remove the longer it is left.


If you have a translucent, full or partial glass roof, then it is important to have your roof regularly cleaned. Doing this will get rid of any bird dropping, moss, dust and smears (glass roofs), allowing light to flood into your conservatory.

Dont do it yourself

We have heard many horror stories of people trying to do this job themselves with pressure washers. The use of pressure washers on a conservatory roof is a very very bad idea. Conservatory roofs can be highly susceptible to damage when using pressurized water and what starts as a good idea, ends in a very costly repair bill.

Cleaning a conservatory roof requires skill and the correct cleaning equipment. This job should always be carried out by a professional cleaning company who are trained and have the correct equipment.


  • How much would it cost to have my conservatory roof cleaned?

Due to the many shapes and sizes that conservatories can come in, we often like to visit you to quote it up for you. If you are interested in a quote, contact us via our website form and we can arrange a visit.

  • Can you clean my conservatory roof to look brand new?

Most of the time we can clean a conservatory roof back to a condition very close to what it looked like when built. Often though due to conservatory roofs quite often being neglected and Poly-carbonate being highly susceptible to staining, this is not always possible. We are always honest and up front with our customers and will always highlight the expected condition before we carry out the work.