Daniel Rutter


Daniel has over 11 years of experience in customer service ranging from hospitality to retail, with his most recent experience being in a management/technical position. This has given Daniel incredible customer service and administration capabilities. It has also given him the skills required to ensure anything that is put in front of him is gone through with a fine-tooth comb ending with the best possible result.

What do you enjoy doing when you're not at work?

To be honest, spending time with my 2 sons. Whether we are going to the park etc or just staying at home playing with Lego, I love spending time them. 

Most of my hobbies are around technology, creating videos, building/upgrading PC's, Gaming, Pretty much anything that is related to technology. This partnered with my Amazon addiction can be a dangerous combo, I've got so many quirky gadgets now and only more to come! 

Another one of my hobbies is snowboarding. Ben shares this hobby with me we try and go snowboarding most years, mainly to Pamporovo, Bulgaria. I'm a big kid when it comes to snow, growing up in Derbyshire we used to have heavy snow and I used to spend all my spare time out in it. There's no feeling like it.