Ben Westbrook


Ben has over 17 years experience as a customer representative centered in the retail industry. His role was to maintain and develop business relationships on an interpersonal level. As well as dealing with customers face to face, he has also worked behind the scenes with experience in parts assembly and warehouse work. These experiences have given him a fantastic skill set to develop and maintain relationships with all types of customers, both commercial and domestic. His rigorous attention to detail and perfectionism led him to discovering a desire to work for himself and with customers.

What drove you to found Ace Window Cleaning?

To be honest,  I have always enjoyed working in customer services! Even after 15 years, I've gone ahead and created a business solely focused on the customer experience.

Being in retail, there is a massive emphasis on appearance and cleanliness. I realized 50% of my workday consisting of cleaning (instead of selling!). I strangely found it incredibly satisfying seeing the windows and floors sparkle. I found that working for companies had their own ethos and culture towards customer service and excellence. Although I could understand the fundamentals of them, I felt that it wasn't personal to each customer experience. 

In light of this, I decided to create Ace Window Cleaning! Ace is my reflection of how every customer journey should be. Ace is a combination of my love for cleaning with my passion for customer service. 

What do you enjoy doing when you're not at work?

I love to eat, not your fine wine and dine sort of thing. More your M&M's and Netflix kinda thing. Sort of goes against my other hobby which is going to the gym and exercising. As you can imagine I have to strike a very fine balance between my eating habits and fitness regime. I like to go to the gym as often as possible, even if it's just to go swimming or chill out in the sauna. I like to make the most out of my membership. They've just got this incredible new machine in my gym and its by far my dispenses Maltesers for less than £1.10 (inflation)!

I also really enjoy photography, in fact I actually gained an accreditation as a photo expert with Sony Mobile. Most of the photos on this website have been taken by me as I prefer to be behind the camera rather than in front of it. I enjoy just going for a wander and taking all sorts of pictures and then playing around on the computer with different contrasts/brightness etc. 

My 3 beautiful daughters are by far my favorite models, I like taking them out to places, seeing their smiles and capturing memories. Spending time with my family is a massive part of my life.

Dan & myself also enjoy snowboarding! I've been to Andorra, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Italy snowboarding and despite having broken multiple ribs and a collarbone, I continue to hit the slopes. I'm debating on whether to take my wing-man Dan on the next trip. We've gradually been gathering bigger and bigger groups each time we go, If you are interested in joining Ace on tour let us know.